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AzPul is an Azerbaijani company that offers a microcredit service, called AzPulMat to Azerbaijani citizens (similar to our ScalaPay) with which the citizen can borrow small amounts to be repaid in a short period.

Objective: to digitize the contract signing process and prevent identity theft.

You have the opportunity to keep your debt information under control, to receive up-to-date and up-to-date payment notices, your current loan agreement, and more information and updates. Your Azpul.az is now even closer!

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Enega is an italian company that supplies gas and electricity and will use our technology to sign supply contracts.

Objective: to digitize the process of signing a contract and prevent sales agents from entering into fake contracts, made out to unaware people, with the aim of increasing their sales

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Sofia, the 3D virtual assistant (powered by Cyberneid in collaboration with Tile) for students of the Department of Economics and Statistics - Dises of Federico II University, Naples, italy. Sofia is trained through deep learning techniques to answer questions regarding the Department's bachelor's degree programs and provide information on issues of interest to students. on admission tests, courses, timetables, exams, and various.

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Cyberneid has developed p the "AVA for Cultural Heritage" system, an intelligent, proactive virtual assistant with learning skills, natural language dialogue skills and natural language responsiveness, capable of supporting a proactive in language by showing human behavior.

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