Electronic Identity Solutions

Cyberneid technology guarantees accurate verification of the identity of individuals, through the id proofing process, helping to mitigate the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. Face recognition and live detection add significant layers of security, ensuring that the identity is authentic and current. In a world where secure identity management is crucial, Cyberneid stands out as a reliable ally in creating advanced solutions that raise security standards and enable more secure and efficient digital access.

Know your customer on-boarding

Identikyc allows companies to verify the identity of citizens in a certain, secure, and privacy-friendly manner using an electronic identity document such as an identity card or passport.

Your ID card and passport reader

eID-on is an innovative app that enables you to create your digital identity by scanning the MRZ zone via OCR and reading the contents of the identity card through NFC.

The identity wallet for

eidWallet is a EUDI wallet decentralizes the electronic identity on the
blockchain by using Soulbound Tokens, eliminating the need for any centralized, controlled, or trusted authority.

The electronic signature just a click away !

Instasign allows to sign documents in a few clicks and everywhere, while protecting yourself from identity theft. Take control of your signatures and security.

Advanced electronic signature wherever you are

Firmo con CIE allows you to electronically sign any document using the Electronic Identity Card wherever you are and send it instantly, all thanks to the SDK technology integrated in the app.

Pay everywhere with your electronic ID card
Mock up dimostrativo della view di inserimento dell'importo da pagare tramite tecnologia di Cyberneid.

The Pago con CIE platform allows a digital payment experience on any POS, simple and without wasting time and taking advantage of the high level of security offered by CIE.

Biometric Recognition Solutions

Biometric solutions involve using individuals’ distinctive physiological or behavioral traits to authenticate and secure digital banking transactions and access. Cyberneid uses its technology to create a digital identity, allowing for very high security in the authorization of each transition.


Innovative access solution: access in a wink with no need of physical devices

Wink&Go is an innovative access solution that uses biometric recognition technology for a safe and immediate access at work or on the subway.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cyberneid with its research and development department aims to always create cutting-edge products that revolutionize the way we interact with technology and understand human behavior. Enter the appropriate section to discover the solutions already ready for you.

A virtual assistant that learns from your data

Alycia is an intelligent virtual assistant that can be trained on specific domains. AVA can learn from your data
and answer questions about it using natural language with voice recognition and text to speech.

Smart mirrors for home and businesses

Max and Mark Mirror are smart mirror s with an intelligent virtual assistant that can answer to
questions in natural language using its voice suitable for home,
shops, museums and businesses.


Shop windows analytics in shop analytics

Discover how humans behave in front of a shop window, or inside a shop, or elsewhere. We use face analysis and recognition, wi-fi and bluetooth tracking, to analyze human behaviors, and sentiments in specific places.