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Our solutions aim to create innovations and to enhance security in all those industries where citizen identification is of primary importance and where the electronic signature is necessary to sign agreements and authorizations, stipulate contracts remotely, and digitize processes.
At Cyberneid we use Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Identity to help companies provide a secure service that is perfectly suited to their existing business and eliminate the possibility of fraud. All of those drive revenue and provide a quick and easy-to-use customer experience that reduces the bounce rate.

| Banking

Trust comes from security

The banking sector is one of the sectors that is most undergoing digitalization, a lot of procedures are moving to a digital version to facilitate access and speed up processes.
However, all this means that safety is an essential factor.

It is for this purpose that Cyberneid provides its technology to make migration with Identikyc as simple as possible and Wink&Pay:

1. It allows simple and usable use of the procedures, ensuring immediate understanding of the online service.

2. Its usability guarantees a bounce rate of less than 1%, so that all the procedures started are always completed.

3. It guarantees data security and verifies that the user is who he says he is, full safety without problems of fakes.

Smau 2023


Hands-free payment in a wink: an innovative payment solution that uses biometric technology for authorizing transactions in an easy, safe and quick way.

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Zagrebačka Banka (abbreviated as ZABA) is the largest Croatian bank. Founded in 1914 as Gradska štedionica (City Savings Bank), it is now owned by UniCredit.
Zagrebačka Banka trusts Cyberneid and has used Cyberneid knowledge to test its home banking app M-zab to evaluate its security, through id-proofing, penetration tests, in order to make the application more secure and evaluate their security levels.

| Utilities - Energy Suppliers

Secure identity verification solutions

In 2019, according to ARERA, with a supplier change rate of 14%, it is estimated that a total of around 7 million new contracts were signed.

A huge problem in the energy supply sector is the sales model, which pushes sales agents to create as many contracts as possible, which has led to the creation of many contracts in the names of unaware people (spoofing and identity theft), who they are often signed up over the phone or using a specially doctored photocopy of an identity document.
Another major disadvantage of this sector is the storage of paper contracts with attached copies of identity documents.

However, today there is a solution to these problems which is to digitize processes and Cyberneid provides valid assistance to all companies working in this sector: Instasign.

1. Guarantee the identity of the customer.

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Enega is an Italian company that supplies gas and electricity and will use our technology to sign supply contracts.
Objective: to digitize the process of signing a contract and prevent sales agents from entering into fake contracts, made out to unaware people, to increase their sales.

| Fintech – Insurance companies

No more incomplete contracts

In 2019, according to IVASS, over 39 million contracts were signed or renewed, in the TPL class alone through handwritten signatures on paper.
The insurance sector is a sector that is slowly becoming more and more digitalized due to its raw material: the large amount of sensitive information necessary for the correct performance of its work. But despite this, the still process remains a fundamental one, i.e. the conclusion of the insurance contract, which currently involves a very anachronistic process:

  1. print the contract and sign it by hand
  2. scan the signed contract
  3. send it to the company via email
  4. alternatively you can send it via ordinary mail

As a result of this cumbersome process, over 80% of insured people do not send the signed contract, and therefore it will not be finalized.

Cyberneid offers a solution for all companies in this sector Instasign:

1. The insured receives the contract directly in the Instasign app or via email.

2. Generate an electronic identity using your identity document.

The advantages of digitization will be evident: the process that previously required days of work and commitment on the part of the operator and the customer will be optimally completed in less than 50 seconds.

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| Fintech – Consumer Credit

Protected from identity theft

To request a loan for the purchase of goods and services (such as cars, motorbikes, furniture, electronics and appliances, renewable energy, etc.), it is now necessary to fill in and sign a paper application form and attach a photocopy of a document identity.
The copy of the identity document and the handwritten signature on the form together with the applicant’s personal and banking details are all that is needed to commit identity theft and apply for other loans without the victim’s knowledge.
In 2019, according to Assofin, almost 7 million financed operations were carried out.
Problem: Identity theft, It is now necessary for financial institutions to find ways to become branchless and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Thanks to Cyberneid this process is possible with Instasign.

1. Complete the online identity verification process in seconds thanks to electronic ID using customer facial recognition.

2. Offers a simple and secure onboarding experience, ensuring a usable and usable User Experience.

3. The request form with personal and bank details is digitally signed with an advanced electronic signature.

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AzPul is an Azerbaijani company that offers Azerbaijani citizens a microcredit service, called AzPulMat (similar to our ScalaPay) with which the citizen can borrow small sums to be repaid in a short period. Thanks to this app you have the opportunity to monitor information on your debts, receive constantly updated payment notices, your current loan contract, and more information and updates.

The primary objective of this project was to digitize the contracting process and ensure the prevention of identity theft. All this has had a positive impact on turnover and reputation.

| Health Care

Secure identity verification solutions

In 2016, according to the Ministry of Health, approximately 197 million healthcare services were provided using face-to-face recognition and handwritten signatures on paper.

Cyberneid uses its technology to help healthcare industries keep private information safe and ensure patients are who they are through biometric identity verification and authentication. Cyberneid makes it possible to automate the intake of new patients with online identity verification before they even go to the facility. This technology allows processes to be simplified and speeded up, all while guaranteeing excellent levels of safety and greatly reducing the manual work of workers who can be employed in processes of greater importance for the health of the patient.

The solution proposed by Cyberneid for all companies in this sector is Firmo con CIE:

1. It allows the identification of a patient online in complete safety.

2. It guarantees the security and privacy of your sensitive data.

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Don Gnocchi Foundation

| Hotel and B&B

Check-in onboarding

In 2019, according to ISTAT, approximately 131 million check-ins were carried out using face-to-face recognition and handwritten signatures.
For accommodation facilities, guest check-in is done face-to-face, and this brings with it quite a few disadvantages:

  • it is a process that requires time and commitment on the part of the operator at the reception who must ask for the identity document,
  • register the data and then photocopy them. But this process also requires a lot of patience on the part of the customer who has to wait for the whole process to finish.
  • it was estimated that at least 7 minutes per guest is needed, not counting the storage of the paper material used in the procedure.

The ideal solution that Cyberneid proposes for this sector is Identikyc, thanks to which it is possible to fulfill the onboarding process in less than 40 seconds on average without involving any operator but doing everything autonomously (self-check-in).

1. The guest does a self-check-in with their identity document.

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| Public Administrations Government

Certify personal identity

The public sector needs to certify people’s identities and minimize the risk of fraud. And that’s why you need Cyberneid’s technology:

  • with Identikyc you can leverage selfie-based authentication to protect government benefits vulnerable to online fraud and identity theft. The risk of abandoning the procedure is reduced to less than 1% thanks to its simple and intuitive user experience, guaranteeing that all the procedures started are completed. Face-based verification and liveness detection provide a strong deterrent to potential scammers.
  • with Firmo con CIE: you can allow the signing of certified documents remotely and in complete safety.

1. Signature and verification: keeps the history of signed files and allows verification.

2. Preview of the file before signing it, and PIN management allows you to change your PIN.

3. Communication with the CIE (Electronic Identity Card) takes place via NFC technology.

Firmo con CIE

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| Telco – Mobile Carriers

Eliminate fraud and paper contracts

In 2018, according to AGCOM, it is estimated that around 40 million new paper contracts were signed, of which over 90% were due to changing operators with number portability.
This means that there is a huge problem in storing paper contracts with attached copies of identity documents.

Furthermore, reports of fraud have increased more and more in recent years: contracts made out to unaware or non-existent people (Spoofing, SIM swapping, and identity theft) it is sufficient to use a specially falsified xerox of an identity document, causing serious economic losses and generating a deep sense of mistrust among consumers.

The ideal solution that Cyberneid proposes for you is Instasign:

1. The customer’s identity is certified by the electronic ID.