About us

About Us

Cyberneid is an innovative startup specialized in artificial intelligence, electronic identity, and blockchain.
Cyberneid designs, creates and manages services and software/hardware solutions, mobile and desktop, for:

  • the use of the electronic identity card;
  • the electronic passport;
  • the digital signature and certification of documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation;
  • id-proofing reinforced with Deep Learning;
  • eKYC optimized with Machine Learning and Deep Lening;
  • secure onboarding and strong authentication;
  • the management of virtual electronic identities on smartphones.
  • the blockchain especially regarding NFT and SBT.
Electronic Identity

Electronic identity cards and e-passport solutions e-id virtualization and .

Artificial Intelligence

natural language processing, expert systems, semantic intelligence, swarm intelligence .

Smart Cards

native smart cards, Java Card, SIM card, NFC, MIFARE .

Public Key Infrastructure

digital signature, strong authentication, encryption certification authority, time stamping .

Cyberneid develops customized software, supplies SDKs and complete kits for id-proofing, onboarding, eKYC, strong authentication, and digital signature procedures, and provides consultancy and training in blockchain, cybersecurity, and ICT security.

Cyberneid is also a SPID service provider accredited by AgID.

Cyberneid, for customers in the fintech, government, healthcare, and utilities sectors, has collectively certified over 1 million electronic identities and signed over 1.5 million documents while apps published on app stores have received over 1.5 million downloads.

Among the main customers, Cyberneid includes: in Italy IPZS, PagoPA, Namirial, Campus Biomedico University of Rome, Don Gnocchi Foundation; in Croatia Zagrebacka Banka; in Azerbaijan the Ministry of Technology (MCHTC), AzInTelecom, AzPul.


Our Team


Our team is made by several skilled and highly qualified professionals with great knowledge and strong performances. All members have a master's degree in scientific matters, such as computer science, physics, mathematics, engineering, etc. This is why we can supply highly valuable products and services to our customers.