About us

Inside Cyberneid

The name Cyberneid comes from Cybernetics and Electronic Identity, the main branches where our team has great knowledge, skills and years of experience.

Cyberneid is a new-born innovative startup based in Naples, Italy. Our mission is suppling our business enabling solutions and our cutting edge technologies to customers in order to increase their businesses. It is an innovative startup specialized in artificial intelligence, electronic identity, and blockchain.

Cyberneid designs, creates and manages services and software/hardware solutions, mobile and desktop, for:

  • the use of the electronic identity card;
  • the electronic passport;
  • the digital signature and certification of documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation;
  • id-proofing reinforced with Deep Learning;
  • eKYC optimized with Machine Learning and Deep Lening;
  • secure onboarding and strong authentication;
  • the management of virtual electronic identities on smartphones.
  • the blockchain especially regarding NFT and SBT.
Electronic Identity

Electronic identity cards and e-passport solutions e-id virtualization and .

Artificial Intelligence

natural language processing, expert systems, semantic intelligence, swarm intelligence .

Smart Cards

native smart cards, Java Card, SIM card, NFC, MIFARE .

Public Key Infrastructure

digital signature, strong authentication, encryption certification authority, time stamping .


Our Philosophy

“Cybernetics and electronic identity turned on”


Our mission is to turn on the switches of artificial intelligence and electronic identity to create innovative business-enabling solutions to offer to the market.
The peculiarity of the Cyberneid team is the ability to merge two usually distinct technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Identity to create innovation.


Our vision is the ability to merge two usually distinct technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Identity to create innovation. The headquarters of Cyberneid SRL is located in Naples, the hotbed of numerous startups born thanks to one of the oldest and most dynamic universities in Europe, which every year provides hundreds of highly qualified young graduates.


Our Team

Cyberneid is a dynamic and agile startup and our team is the mirror of its culture: it is made up of several experienced and highly qualified professionals with knowledge in different fields to provide products and services of great value to our customers. We are constantly looking for new inspirations, new ways of thinking and implementing projects to always overcome our limits. We are aware that there is always room to learn new things and take care of projects that are always different from each other.
The strength of Cyberneid is its structure: inside it is made up of teams that deal with different skills to move forward on several fronts, but always work in sync with each other so as to always follow a common vision.

Research and Development Team
Artificial Intelligence Team
Mobile Development Team
Design and Marketing Team

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