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Soulbound Tokens

Soulbound Tokens on the blockchain in the education sector

In this article, I explain how to use Soulbound Tokens on the blockchain in the education sector, which represents the future of education.

The potential of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) in the education sector is becoming increasingly evident as concrete examples of successful implementations emerge. In this article, we will provide some insights into Soulbound Tokens and explore some real case studies to understand how Soulbound Tokens have transformed knowledge sharing, influenced teachers and students, and provided valuable lessons for future adoption in the education sector.

To begin with, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), known as Soulbound Tokens, can be used to represent a person’s achievements on the blockchain. Here are some examples of typologies:

examples of Soulbound Tokens

Case Study 1: Tokenization of University Degrees

In 2021, a prestigious university began issuing digital diplomas based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to its graduates. By tokenizing the degrees, the university created a certified record of academic credentials that was secure, verifiable, and easily shareable. This move not only simplified the verification process for employers and other academic institutions but also increased the value and prestige of the university’s degrees.

The Impact of such a choice was remarkable:

  • Simplified verification process for employers and academic institutions;
  • Increased value and prestige of the university’s degrees.
  • Enhanced security and ease of sharing for graduates.

Case Study 2: Monetizing an Online Course with Soulbound Tokens

An independent educator created an online course on digital art and chose to monetize it using Soulbound Tokens. Each token represented access to the course, and students could purchase these tokens to gain entry. This direct compensation model allowed the educator to set their price and reach a global audience.

In this case, such a choice:

  • Gave the educator greater control over their earnings.
  • Enabled students from around the world to access the course.
  • Incentivized the creation of high-quality content.

Case Study 3: Using Soulbound Tokens to Reward Educational Achievements

A K-12 school implemented a program that rewarded students with Soulbound Tokens for achieving specific academic milestones, such as excellence in a subject or completion of a project. The tokens could then be used to access additional educational resources.

This innovative strategy:

  • Motivated students to actively engage in their learning process.
  • Provided tangible rewards for educational achievements.
  • Promoted a sense of accomplishment and pride among students.

What have we learned from these use cases?

These case studies demonstrate the transformative potential of Soulbound Tokens in education:

  • Tokenizing degrees can offer significant advantages in terms of security, verifiability, and ease of sharing among students, training institutions, and employers.
  • Soulbound Tokens can provide a viable alternative to traditional fee-based payment models;
  • Tokenizing access to educational content can help educators reach a global audience and set their prices;
  • Soulbound Tokens can serve as an effective reward system for educational achievements;
  • Token-based rewards can enhance student motivation and engagement. All successful cases have in common collaboration with cutting-edge technology providers that have ensured smooth implementation.

How do I introduce this new technology into my processes?

The eidWallet is a Soulbound Token wallet that the student will carry with them on their phone and use to manage their tokens:

eidWallet cyberneid product

eidWallet: Cyberneid’s product

Through the eidWallet:

  • teachers and training institutions will be able to issue tokens to students upon reaching certain milestones
  • students can share their tokens with third parties who can then verify the candidate’s actual skills listed in the tokens

Additional benefits provided by the eidWallet include:

  • certain verification of students’ identity
  • electronic signature available to students
  • standardized and verifiable credentials for all digitization of processes: enrollment, attendance tracking, exams, etc.

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From tokenizing degrees to monetizing online courses and rewarding educational achievements, these examples highlight the benefits that this technology can bring to educators and students. As the education sector continues to explore the potential of NFTs and SBTs, it is crucial to learn from these successful implementations and adapt to the challenges that may arise during broader adoption. In doing so, we can fully leverage the potential of Soulbound Tokens to revolutionize how we share, value, and interact with education.

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Ugo Chirico CEO and CTO of Cyberneid
Ugo Chirico
CEO & CTO of Cyberneid