Cyberneid at Innovation Training Summit


Innovation Training Summit 2024

Innovation Training Summit

The Innovation Training Summit stands as a national B2B event dedicated to the training sector, designed to foster learning, growth, and networking opportunities. With a diverse audience ranging from educators and companies to suppliers and institutions, the summit serves as a platform for collaboration and innovation.

What is the Showcase? The Startup Showcase provides a unique opportunity for startups to showcase their products and technologies aimed at supporting training activities and the education sector. With a dual objective of promoting synergy within the ecosystem and inspiring innovation in the field of education, the Showcase is a beacon of progress and advancement.

This Showcase represents more than just an opportunity for us—it’s a chance to share our vision and groundbreaking solutions with a passionate audience committed to driving innovation in education.

Join us and stay tuned for updates as we prepare to showcase our innovative solutions at the Startup Showcase. 📚

Alessia Pauciullo
UX/UI Designer