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Join us at TuttoHotel

The event: join us at TuttoHotel

Cyberneid will showcase cutting-edge solutions at the event, aiming to innovate and revolutionize hotel check-in and access processes.

In 2019, ISTAT reported 131 million check-ins with manual procedures causing delays and inefficiencies:

  • Reception operators spend significant time requesting identity documents, recording data and photocopying documents.
  • Customers experience delays and must wait for the entire procedure.
  • Estimated time of at least 7 minutes per guest, excluding paper conservation.

By utilizing artificial intelligence, electronic identity verification, and biometric recognition, Cyberneid products aim to offer a comprehensive solution by expediting the check-in process. This results in enhanced efficiency for accommodation facilities and a quicker, more enjoyable experience for guests

Our solutions for the hospitality sector

Identikyc: ID Proofing Automatic and Self-check-in

Identikyc is an app designed to combat identity theft, providing irrefutable proof of a citizen’s identity (ID-proofing).

It transforms your phone into a tool that identifies customers by reading their electronic ID via NFC and authenticates them using facial recognition, offering proof of identity for check-in procedures. The onboarding process takes less than 40 seconds on average, without involving any operators; everything is done autonomously (self-check-in).

Identikyc also provides an operator panel where all the data collected during check-in is recorded.

Join us at TuttoHotel Identikyc


Anti-spoofing detection

Identikyc is based on proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and uses an anti-spoofing detection mechanism compliant with levels 1-2 of the ISO 30107 standard.

Integration with “Alloggiati Web”

The scans can be exported in the format provided by “Alloggiati Web” or sent directly to the State Police system.

Identity cards and passports

Identikyc supports all European, many non-EU electronic identity cards and all passports in the world.

Speed and safety

It allows you to reduce guest registration times during check-in and to identify any false identity documents.

Precision and accuracy

It avoids manual entry and transcription errors because the personal data is read by the chip present in the identity document.

User test

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface within the reach of any user and/or operator, even those who are not accustomed to technology.

Wink&Go: access in a wink with no need for physical devices

Wink&Go is an innovative access solution that utilizes biometric recognition technology for secure and immediate access, offering an intuitive user experience that eliminates the need for physical devices or code input.

It employs a sophisticated visual recognition algorithm to uniquely identify individuals and ensure access security. Users are required to register their faces during the initial onboarding phase.

Wink&Go exhibits remarkable adaptability, particularly in scenarios such as accessing a hotel room or checking in at B&Bs. It eradicates the necessity of physically presenting oneself in the apartment to verify documents or take photographs.

With Wink&Go, a simple wink ensures that your guests are the right ones, and it autonomously manages the storage of documents.

Join us at TuttoHotel Wink&Go

Wink&Pay: hands-free payment in a wink

The wink payment system, called “Wink&Pay“, is an innovative payment solution that uses biometric eye recognition technology to authorize and complete transactions securely, quickly and conveniently.

This system is designed to provide an intuitive user experience and make payments more efficient, eliminating the need to use physical devices or type codes to remember by heart.

Wink&Pay can be used for both online and offline payments, supporting in-store transactions and can be integrated with existing major payment systems, allowing users to use Wink as an additional physical payment option, restaurants, e-commerce and more.

Join us at TuttoHotel Wink&Pay Wink and Pay

Max and Mark Mirror: more than a simple reflection

Max Mirror

Max Mirror can be installed in the lobby of a hotel or a room of a B&B and can be an interactive customer service 24 hours a day: it displays information such as weather, news, calendar, events of the day, traffic and much more. Thanks to the integration with Chat Gpt, Max responds vocally to the questions asked of him and recognizes and remembers the faces of the people he meets.

Mark Mirror

Mark Mirror is the smart mirror for Shop Window Analytics and In-Store Analytics. It can be installed in a strategic position in the window or inside the store, displaying information such as news, advertising, offers, events and much more. Furthermore, it features a browser-accessible administration panel that allows you to analyze the collected data and prepare statistics and analyses.

Join us at TuttoHotel Smart Mirror

Come to see us at the stand you will find all Cyberneid Staff

See you in Naples 👋🏼

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