Cyberneid winner of the Innovation Awards at SMAU 2023


winner of the Innovation Awards at smau

The event

The SMAU event was held on 14 and 15 December 2023 in Naples, the main event for all companies dealing with innovation in the most diverse sectors: here all the companies that face the complex, but amazing, process of creating innovation meet. The awards ceremony for the most innovative and future-oriented companies occurs during the event: Cyberneid winner of the Innovation Awards at SMAU.


Some sneak peeks of the days of the SMAU Napoli 2023 fair at the Cyberneid stand:

Cyberneid winner of the Innovation Awards at SMAU

We at Cyberneid were present, we are pleased to announce that in collaboration with the Musa Formazione, we are the winner of the Innovation Awards at SMAU 2023, thanks to the project that will use our “Indentikyc” and “Instasign” apps to verify and sign documents with Italian electronic identity card in its internal workflows.

Musa Formazione is Italy’s leading pioneer in crafting cutting-edge e-learning training programs. Introducing the groundbreaking MUSA JOB initiative, the corporate hub seamlessly bridges training endeavours with career opportunities, identifying and recommending skilled professionals among our trainees for coveted positions with our esteemed affiliated companies.

With the commitment to member security and privacy, they elevated the web platform with advanced measures. Teaming up with the innovative Campanian start-up, Cyberneid, Musa Formazione has implemented a robust system featuring digital signatures and facial recognition services. To streamline training contract execution, trainees receive digital forms for signature, ensuring a secure process with options like the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or passport scanning.

Leveraging Cyberneid’s authentication app empowers individuals to sign and authenticate documents with ease remotely. This user-friendly app simplifies the signing of PDFs or other documents, facilitating seamless sharing via WhatsApp or Email. A signature made with an Electronic Identity Card holds legal weight as an Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA), while passport users can conveniently scan the alphanumeric code using their smartphone camera.

The app also facilitates identity verification by allowing citizens to use their electronic identity card, electronic passport, or other electronic identity documents through the NFC sensor. This mode enables candidates to promptly submit forms, triggering real-time user profile activation at the company’s end. This streamlined approach has significantly slashed bureaucratic and administrative processing times, reducing profile activation from 2-4 days to 4-5 hours.

Upon accessing the course delivery platform, users can seamlessly log in from smartphones or computers using facial recognition. This feature not only ensures identity certification but also guarantees privacy, as each account is strictly personal and non-transferable. Musa Formazione’s commitment to this robust system allows us to offer exclusive and invaluable services solely to esteemed members.

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