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The event: SMAU Napoli 2023

Smau Napoli 2023: gateway to Innovation – join us at Mostra d’Oltremare on December 14-15 for a vibrant exploration of groundbreaking solutions.

SMAU is more than an event; it’s a connection point for startups and companies in search of visionary proposals and collaborations. With over 50 workshops showcasing current trends and dynamic networking events. SMAU serves as the epicentre for building new relationships and fostering potential collaborations. It’s the ultimate gathering for companies venturing into product and process development, bringing real innovations to life.

Don’t forget to catch the Live Show, where the Smau Innovation Award recognizes the most pioneering companies.

The event is an opportunity for corporates, investors, enablers and other startups to discover ready-to-market solutions presented by over 20 startups from Campania, from the most innovative Italian companies.

Come to see us at stand n°A9 you will find all Cyberneid Staff:

Our solutions at SMAU

Identity Proofing and decentralized KYC on blockchain

Identikyc is an app designed to fight identity theft. It provides certain proof of a citizen’s identity (id-proofing) and allows companies to verify the identity of citizens in a certain, secure and privacy-friendly manner starting from an electronic identity document such as an identity card or a passport.

Identikyc uses the phone’s NFC sensor to read and validate the data contained in the identity document chip, uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to verify the citizen’s identity and an anti-spoofing liveness detection mechanism to detect attacks to the system performed with counterfeit documents, photos or videos.

Smau Napoli
Identikyc: main view and result view

Wink&Pay: hands-free payment in a wink

The wink payment system, called “Wink&Pay“, is an innovative payment solution that uses biometric eye recognition technology to authorize and complete transactions securely, quickly and conveniently. This system is designed to provide an intuitive user experience and make payments more efficient, eliminating the need to use physical devices or type codes to remember by heart. Wink&Pay can be used for both online and offline payments, supporting in-store transactions and can be integrated with existing major payment systems, allowing users to use Wink as an additional physical payment option, restaurants, e-commerce and more.

Smau 2023
Camera view of Wink&Pay

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