Salone dei Pagamenti: new scenarios for biometric payments


Cyberneid: new scenarios of biometric payments

The event

The Salone dei Pagamenti, Milan, created in 2016 by ABI and ABIEventi to promote the meeting of a dynamic sector such as the payments one, has quickly acquired the status of the main national event on innovation in the financial field.

It has become fundamental not only for operators in the sector but also for dialogue with citizens and the financial education of new generations. The show is proposed as an open innovation platform to disseminate information, share experiences and present solutions, the development of a lively exhibition area to encourage networking, the consolidation of the audience of participants ready to involve and compare the main players in the payments sector, and the valorization of the Partner Community.

This year Cyberneid will be present with a huge surprise that opens new scenarios for biometric payments.

It will be the launch of two new products: Wink&Pay and Pago conCIE.

Wink&Pay: hands-free payment in a wink

Wink&Pay opens to new scenarios in biometric payments, the focus is mainly on security and speed, two fundamental aspects of contactless payment.
Wink&Pay is an innovative payment solution, which uses biometric technology to authorize transactions easily, securely and quickly.
It is a turning point, which allows all users to make a hands-free payment in total security: after having carried out the onboarding of recognition and verification of the person’s identity, with KYC and adequate verification, the user can easily authorize a payment with the blink of an eye, without having to remember PIN codes, look for the card in the wallet or use physical devices.

The Wink&Pay application has the following features:

  • Biometric eye recognition algorithm
  • Versatility of use
  • Ease of use
  • Privacy and Compliance
  • Advanced Security
  • User control option

We are excited to show Wink&Pay to the world,” said Ugo Chirico, CEO of Cyberneid. “The goal of this app is to combine the exceptional result we have achieved in the field of identity proofing with the payments sector. In this way, we can guarantee safety and speed.”

Cyberneid: new scenarios for biometric payments.

Pago con CIE

Pago con CIE is a new platform that offers an easy and secure digital payment experience, which takes advantage of the high level of security offered by the Electronic Identity Card.

The platform allows a digital payment experience on any POS terminal, simple and without wasting time. Citizens can easily install the app on their mobile phones. Users can create their account, register their CIE by going through an eKYC onboarding process (optional) via NFC, set up their preferred payment method (Paypal, Amazon Pay, credit card, etc.) and start making digital payments.

The Pago con CIE solution is compatible with all European and many non-EU identity cards, as well as with all modern passports, taking advantage of the high-security standards certified by the Italian Ministry of the Interior.
With NFC technology, citizens can make payments simply by touching their CIE to the POS terminal.

In addition to its compatibility with different types of electronic identity cards, the technology is extremely versatile and can be implemented in different sectors, such as transport, where citizens can use their CIE to pay for tickets on any public transport system equipped with our technology.

Cyberneid: new scenarios for biometric payments
Cyberneid: new scenarios for biometric payments

See you in Milan 👋🏼 !

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