Join at SMAU Napoli 2022: Cyberneid for healthcare

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The event

Smau Napoli 2022: gateway to Innovation – join us at Mostra d’Oltremare on December 15-16 for a vibrant exploration of groundbreaking solutions.

SMAU is more than an event; it’s a connection point for startups and companies in search of visionary proposals and collaborations. With over 50 workshops showcasing current trends and dynamic networking events. SMAU serves as the epicentre for building new relationships and fostering potential collaborations. It’s the ultimate gathering for companies venturing into product and process development, bringing real innovations to life.

Don’t forget to catch the Live Show, where the Smau Innovation Award recognizes the most pioneering companies.


Cyberneid for healthcare

This year, Cyberneid joins forces with the Don Gnocchi Foundation, at SMAU, a national hub integrating diagnostic-therapeutic activities and advanced research programs.

Explore how Cyberneid’s “Firmo con CIE” technology is leading the digitalization of administrative and care processes. This project ensures sustainable identity management, system access, and the Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA) of documents in various contexts, from administrative to medical, rehabilitation, and home care.

The solution adopted allows the sustainable management of identities and access to systems, and FEA signature processes in the document management of administrative and medical/rehabilitation/home-related documents.

Streamline your processes by replacing the “initial” approval with the combined use of FEA and CIE. In remote and home care, operators digitally transform documents, providing robust administrative certification for activities dedicated to patients, families, and the Don Gnocchi Foundation. Find out more about the project by clicking here.

馃殌 Connect with Cyberneid at SMAU Naples on December 15-16, embracing the keyword: Open Innovation,

Cyberneid for healthcare!

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