Cyberneid at Salone dei Pagamenti 2022

The event

Meet Cyberneid at Salone dei Pagamenti, established in 2016 by ABI and ABIEventi, The Salone dei Pagamenti serves as a pivotal gathering for key players in the rapidly evolving financial sector. Evolving into the nation’s premier event on financial innovation, it not only stands as a reference point for industry professionals but also plays a crucial role in fostering dialogue with citizens and advancing financial education for new generations.

Cyberneid at Salone dei Pagamenti
Cyberneid at Salone dei Pagamenti

In its seventh edition, fueled by the momentum of Payvolution, the event solidifies its status as an open innovation platform. It features a dynamic exhibition area, strengthens stakeholder participation, enhances the Partner Community, and disseminates knowledge about new products and services. A forward-looking approach facilitates the convergence of supply and demand, promoting growth, knowledge, and change while providing a platform for talent and skills to shape increasingly secure, transparent, and accessible payments.

The quality and quantity of content, coupled with the prestige of speakers, create a personalized experience tailored to the diverse knowledge and curiosity needs of the audience.

Cyberneid at Salone dei Pagamenti

This year, Cyberneid eagerly anticipates participating in the Salone dei Pagamenti event from November 2 to 4 in Milan. We are thrilled to unveil our latest developments and offer you the opportunity to meet the minds behind Cyberneid: Ugo Chirico, the CEO, and Giovanni Bruno, Software Engineer.

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