Cyberneid at Web Summit 2022


Copertina articolo sui toni del rosa con elementi decorativi in 3D nell'angolo superiore sinistro e inferiore destro. Al centro: Web Summit 01-04 Novembre, Cyberneid.

The Event

Meet Cyberneid at Web Summit 2022, and dive into the pinnacle of innovation and technology at the Web Summit, the paramount event in Europe.

From November 1 to 4 in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹, this gathering unites over 70,000 registered attendees from 160 nations, with a remarkable 2,000 startups and nearly 1,000 speakers.

What sets this summit apart is the extraordinary interest it garners, fueled by the exceptional quality of participants and the extensive networking opportunities it provides. Within this dynamic environment, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to share invaluable know-how and experiences, making the Web Summit an unparalleled platform for collaboration and learning.

Cyberneid at Web Summit 2022

Sky TG24 defined the 2022 edition of Web Summit as “The affirmation of Italian startups“. Among these emerging companies, Cyberneid stands out:

Sull’intelligenza artificiale troviamo Cyberneid che genera una identità digitale per il know-your-customer, quella procedura che gli enti finanziari richiedono, per firmare contratti e documenti; un sensore NFC sul telefono legge i dati contenuti nel chip del documento d’identità e abbinato al riconoscimento facciale, identifica il cittadino” – Sky TG24

Effortlessly streamline your authentication process with Cyberneid’s cutting-edge solutions. Quickly capture ID documents, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. Our advanced ID Proofing and Liveness Detection technologies guarantee robust security with the certainty of face recognition. Revolutionize your identity verification journey with us!

Experience the future of convenience with Cyberneid – where the electronic signature is just a click away! Sign documents in a few seamless clicks, ensuring both efficiency and security. Protect yourself from identity theft effortlessly, making the digital signing process smoother and more secure than ever.

Elevate your digital signature experience with Cyberneid’s innovative solution – ‘Your Electronic Signature with the CIE.’ Seamlessly integrate your identity into the digital realm, ensuring a secure and efficient signing process. Experience the next level of electronic signatures with us.

Cyberneid at Web Summit

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