Cyberneid won the Assintel Digital Award 2022


Dall'alto verso il basso: Assintel digital awards, Cyberneid. Immagine sui toni del blu con texture metallica in trasparenza.

The Assintel Digital Award is an honourable prize from Assintel. It is the Italian National Association of Reference for ICT and digital companies and is a member of Confcommercio – Business for Italy. Represents associated companies with authorities, organizations, and institutions, protects their interests, and plans initiatives and services to concretely support them.

Assintel interprets the needs of the partnership ecosystem, made up of global and local operators from the different segments of the ICT market, is committed to putting demand and supply in contact, and is at the forefront of fostering the development of a culture of technological innovation. in the Country System.

Assintel Digital Awards. Foto scattata al momento della premiazione: presenti Ugo Chirico CEO Cyberneid, con il premo in mano e di fianco la presindente di Assintel.
Ugo Chirico, CEO of Cyberneid, with the Assintel Digital Award he just received and Paola Generali, Presidente Assintel

Assintel is dedicated to advancing technological innovation in the spirit of Made in Italy, actively endorsing and supporting the companies contributing to its growth. In pursuit of this mission, the National Association of ICT Companies of Confcommercio initiated the Assintel Digital Award competition. The goal is to acknowledge and honour outstanding technological projects in two globally significant sectors: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

In 2022, Cyberneid achieved victory at the Assintel Digital Awards in the A.I. category. This triumph unfolded amidst competition from more than twenty projects, assessed by commissions comprising not only representatives of the Association but also esteemed figures accredited in the innovation market. These figures included Soiel International, the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Italia4Blockchain.

The winning project, Instasign, employs deep learning and convolutional neural networks in computer vision. It generates a virtual electronic identity based on the real one, enabling the electronic signing of documents and contracts with just a few clicks.

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