Cyberneid won the SMAU Innovation Award 2021


Copertina articolo evento SMAU 2021

The event

The Smau Roadshow, a circuit of primary importance in the field of innovation at a national and international level, stopped in Naples on 16 and 17 December for the eighth edition of the SMAU Innovation Award Napoli. This event represents a crucial point of reference for all companies that aspire to start development paths at both the product and process level, to bring authentic innovations to the market. The SMAU was held at the Mostra d’Oltremare, it is an opportunity not to be missed for companies eager to explore new proposals, and ideas and find partners to collaborate with to build the future of their businesses together.

At the eighth edition of SMAU, the illustrious stage of innovation, the union of Cyberneid and Enega led to the recognition of the prestigious SMAU Innovation Award 2021.

The project

Enega needed a secure tool for signing documents, and Instasign proved to be the perfect solution for an innovative project. Cyberneid’s advanced technology acts as an effective barrier against the risk of false contracts, which agents often create to inflate their turnover. Instasign effectively mitigates this risk from the initial stages of the contractual process:

  • generates electronic identity, through onboarding and facial recognition, which protects the citizen from identity theft. The authentication procedure complies with the European eIDAS regulation.
  • Using NFC it validates the identity document and reads the citizen’s data contained in the chip. The app supports electronic identity cards and electronic passports.
  • Finally, in a few simple clicks, you can sign a PDF file or other document and send it via WhatsApp, email or other messaging app. The app supports the standard formats PAdES for PDF documents and CAdES p7m for other types of documents. It does not acquire any personal data and does not store documents anywhere other than the user’s mobile device.
SMAU Innovation Awards
Napoli, SMAU 2021, momento della premiazione.

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