Cyberneid at the Mobile World Congress In Barcellona


Immagine di copertina dell'articolo, rappresenta: da sinistra verso destra, un paio di cuffie airpods bianche, un quaderno aperto con una penna poggiata sopra e uno smartphone. Sulla colonna destra sono, invece, presenti i loghi della azienda Cyberneid e della fiera Spagnola.

The event: Mobile World Congress

After the break due to the Coronavirus, the technological event of the year returns in style: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with an all-summer version from 28 June to 1 July.

MWC Barcelona is the annual fair organized by GSMA, dedicated mainly to the mobile communications sector. The event is held in Barcelona, Spain, and brings together most of the world’s mobile companies. This year’s theme is to investigate and explore the new horizons of Mobile and Connectivity, especially with its enormous development during the Global Pandemic: where this sector underwent an enormous acceleration allowing the world to continue to function despite everything.

Cyberneid will be present to show its innovative solutions to recognize and authenticate citizens with virtual electronic identities provided to citizens to sign contracts and documents in just a few clicks digitally:

Cyberneid at Mobile World Congress

our advanced, AI-driven, and frictionless identity-proofing solution that counters identity theft.

for advanced electronic signatures compliant with EU regulations.

We finally have the chance to meet up again and get to know each other in person, so take advantage of the opportunity to book your spot during the MWC in our calendar at the link below:

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