Cyberneid will participate in the Demo Day 2021


Copertina articolo Demo Day 2021

The event: Demo Day

Demo Day is an event offered by Open Italy, an innovation initiative designed for businesses, startups and innovation enablers. The initiative represents an opportunity to collaborate on the development of new solutions, promoting a culture of open innovation.

Starting from the OPEN ITALY experience, ELIS Innovation Hub has conceived various projects responding to specific market needs identified in collaboration with the main players in its community. It actively promotes collaboration between all those who contribute to the economic development of the country and offers all partners involved the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a common good driven by innovation and development. This includes improving products and services, streaming business and production processes, experimenting and facilitating the adoption of advanced digital technologies.

In this stimulating space, the meeting of talents and ideas is not only possible but encouraged. It’s an invitation to stand out, share unique perspectives, and contribute to something extraordinary. Open the doors to innovation, and together, we can create something bigger than imagined.

Cyberneid is proud to announce that we have been selected to participate in the OPEN ITALY Demoday 2021! In this event we will tell an audience of over 150 Innovation Managers, from +50 large companies and +30 SMEs about our innovative solutions:

Demo Day

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