Cybernetics and electronic identity turned on

Identity proof and verification of identity at your fingertips

With millions of electronic identity cards and passports around the world, our work begins there, where technology meets security. By fusing artificial intelligence and electronic identity, we have created a revolutionary solution: Virtual electronic identity. Safe, simple to use, and accessible to everyone via smartphone, it opens doors to new business scenarios in various sectors.

Get ready to live the future, now.

Virtual electronic identity

Cyberneid technology guarantees accurate verification of the identity of individuals, through the id proofing process, helping to mitigate the risk of fraud and unauthorized access.
Face recognition and live detection add significant layers of security, ensuring that the identity is authentic and current.

Biometric Recognition

Biometric recognition solutions involve using individuals’ distinctive physiological or behavioural traits to authenticate and protect digital banking transactions and accesses.
Cyberneid uses its technology to create a digital identity, allowing very high security in the authorization of every access or transition in the payments sector

Artificial Intelligence

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cyberneid with its research and development department aims to always create cutting-edge products that revolutionize the way we interact with technology and understand human behavior.
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With id-proofing, KYC and e-signatures, ensuring digitization and signing of contracts remotely, in self mode or through an agent.

Energies and Utilities

Digitization and electronic signature of supply contracts remotely in self mode or through an agent.


Ensure identity of clients with services like KYC, Id-proofing, and biometric payments for optimized operations.


Virtual e-identity and e-signature allow the efficient digitalization of informed consent, speeding up health care process.

Hotel and B&B

Reliable, secure authentication of guests check-ins with face recognition and electronic signatures of entry documents.


Digitization and signing of contracts: guarantee that people’s signatures are certified like their identities.

Public Administration Government

Digitization and signing of contracts remotely, autonomously or through an agent.


Digitization and electronic signature of mobile or fixed telephone contracts in self mode or through a sales agent.

Why choose us

Our offer is extremely flexible and adaptable to the customer’s business model. Our service integrates fully with the processes already in use by the customer without creating difficulties.

Furthermore, our products are an easier and frictionless user experience that allows everybody to use our service with less than 1% of abandon rate.

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